scholars program

To support one of our core stakeholders, those who we term “near-generation” leaders, Springworks has designed an experiential opportunity for business school students interested in pursuing careers in entrepreneurship and/or venture capital management.  The Springworks Scholars program (formerly the Fellows program) is a rewarding experience that prepares you to be at the center of the innovation process. Current scholars and alumni are associated with the top universities in the country, including Northwestern, Harvard, Michigan, Cornell and UC Berkeley. Students are encouraged to apply starting the summer of their admit year. Once you are accepted you are placed in a two year cohort until graduation.

The focus of the program is to help you achieve your desired employment after school and throughout your career. We view the key to this journey is optimizing your graduate school experience. At the outset of the program, we will coach you in developing a two year plan. This plan takes into consideration what you have access to at your university as well as opportunities that are independent of your school. Previous scholars who have successfully entered the venture community were highly focused and strategic about their graduate school experience. We encourage you to both follow and refine your plan over the life of the program.

Each scholar will be required to design and complete a master’s thesis akin to a capstone project. The knowledge you gain and the output you create will give you an advantage in your recruiting process for both your internships and full-time opportunities. Springworks scholars will develop a hypothesis during the summer of their admit year and will refine it during the first quarter of their graduate program. Each master’s thesis will need three readers, of which one will be a professor from your program, one person that is affiliated with Springworks and then another person of your choosing. These readers will be your advisors and ultimately the individuals that you’ll need to impress with your project. The process is intended to be flexible and allows you and your readers to plan the path to a successful completion of the thesis by November of your second year. As part of the program, Springworks will help Scholars obtain class credit and/or funding for their projects.

Scholars periodically meet through a conference call twice a month. This hour long call provides a platform for you to learn from your peers as well as professionals who will impart their wisdom through presentations and/or Q&A panels. Each cohort will have an opportunity to request topics as well as speakers. In 2011, we intend to have our first Scholars Summit where new and returning scholars will have an opportunity to get to know each other in a three-day activity based convening. Pending funding, the Summit will occur in September or October.

As an added benefit, Scholars are also welcome to the wealth of our resources, including proprietary data, library of research, our network, and most workshops or events that Springworks and our partners are producing or sponsoring.

Scholars are expected to be deeply committed to their desired career path and to the Springworks mission and values. Through our bi-annual evaluation process, Scholars are held accountable for their participation and engagement. Being positive, helping others, teamwork, and taking initiative are the rule, not the exception. Because many of our Scholars are located in various states, we seek those who are self-reliant and great communicators.

To apply candidates need to be in the process of applying or matriculating to an advanced degree program at a top business school. The Scholars program is highly competitive and selective. Each applicant will go through an initial consideration phase. Finalists will be notified and an interview will be scheduled.

Application for the Class of 2014 will be available in Spring 2012

If you have additional questions, please send an email to: