start up nonprofit Small Business Funding
Entrepreneur Funding Criteria

  • Have received less than $1M in financing
  • Have at least 2 team members but no more than 4 (not including virtual workers)
  • Have a defined, well structured concept (business plan can be work in progress)
  • Strong expressed interest and alignment with our mission
  • With advanced degree, at minimum 3 years in the targeted industry, without advanced degree, at least 5 years in targeted industry
  • Focus in any of the following verticals: Technology, Media, Telecom, Consumer Product Goods (CPG), Clean/Green Tech

Step 1: Submission
Provide an executive summary, a one-page statement on what our mission means to you as founders, and the full resumes of senior team members. Aggregate all of these documents into one pdf file and send to
Step 2: Phone Interview
For those who meet our requirements, we will have an initial phone conversation with your team
Step 3: In-Person Presentation
Step 4: Due Diligence
Step 5: Invitation

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